Entertainment Law Services in Los Angeles

Providing legal services in film, music, television, publishing and new media.


Drafting, negotiation, review and counsel for film, television, music, publishing and new media related issues, deal memorandums and agreements. Including, but not limited to:

  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Talent and Literary Agent/Management Agreements
  • Screenplay Option Purchase Agreements
  • Life Story Agreements
  • Writer Employment Agreements
  • Producer's Representative Agreements
  • Sales Agent Agreements
  • Film Distribution Agreements
  • Television Development Agreements
  • Pilot Teleplay Deal Memo
  • Television Talent Holding Deals
  • Television Series Producer and Director Agreements
  • Television Performer Agreements
  • Recording Group Partnership Agreements
  • Recording Artist Record Label Agreements
  • Demo Recording Agreements
  • Record Producer Agreements
  • Songwriter Agreements
  • Music Sampling Agreements
  • Music Publishing Agreements
  • Music Publishing Company Formation
  • Book Publishing Agreements
  • Ghost Writer Agreements
  • Subject-Collaborator Agreements
  • Author-Contributor Agreements
  • Consent and Release Forms
  • Internet Terms of Use
  • Internet Privacy Policies
  • Web Designer Agreements

Production Counsel Services

Representation for your production from pre-production through post production. This includes negotiating and drafting all of the agreements that are necessary during the picture’s pre-production, principal photography and post production.

  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Above-the-line Employment Agreements for cast, director, writer and producer
  • Below-the-line Employment Agreements for crew
  • SAG, DGA and WGA representation (if applicable) including completion and submission of signatory documents
  • Screenplay Option/Purchase Agreement
  • Script and Copyright Clearances
  • Trademark, Copyright and Title Searches
  • Copyright Registration
  • Location Agreements
  • Music Licenses
  • Composer Agreements
  • Preparation of insurance documents and liaison with the insurance companies
  • Liaison with Bank and Sales Agents
  • Formation of the Special Purpose Production Company
  • Counsel on an ongoing and on call basis during production

Producer’s Representative Services

Assistance with shopping completed films to distributors for the purpose of securing distribution on behalf of the completed picture; this includes distributor screenings and attendance at film festivals.

Formation of Business Entity

Formation of corporations, special purpose production companies, loan out companies, music publishing companies, limited liability companies, etc.


Assistance is available for dispute that do not require litigation. A referral will be made to a reputable litigator if the dispute cannot be settled.