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Screenwriter and Producers Legal 411(s)

The Legal 411 for Motion Picture Producers Book CoverThe Legal 411 for Motion Picture Producers: The Legal Information Producers Need from Script to Screen by Dinah Perez

This book will inform you on:

  • Financing (private equity, crowdsourcing, private placements, etc.)
  • Business entity formation (corporations and limited liability companies)
  • Life story rights acquisitions (life story agreements, the rights of privacy, and the right of publicity)
  • And more

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The Legal 411 for Screenwriters Book CoverThe Legal 411 for Screenwriters: The Legal Information Screenwriters Need to Work Smart and Succeed in the Film Industry by Dinah Perez

This book provides detailed information on a variety of issues that affect screenwriters.

  • How to write with a partner without risking your rights to the screenplay
  • When and how to acquire life story rights.
  • Adapting public domain material
  • Acquiring the rights to books and other material not created by you
  • And more

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Screenwriting and Producers Directories

Hollywood Producers Directory Book CoverHollywood Producers Directory by Dinah Perez

Over 4,000 listings for Industry insiders such as studios, production companies, and independent financiers:

  • Specialized resource with over 4,000 Industry listings
  • A guide to proper script format and advice on packaging your submission
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing professional query letters, treatments, and log lines
  • As an added bonus you will receive a 90-day subscription to ScreenwritingDirectory.com

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Hollywood Producers Directory Book CoverHollywood Screenwriting Directory by Dinah Perez

A comprehensive listing of professionals and resources for film and television production.

  • Verified contact information for film distributors, sales agents, banks, and producer representatives
  • Legal 411s, including a general production overview and distribution deals
  • Detailed sections on state tax incentives and global tax incentives
  • And much more

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Writer's Legal Issues: Featured Interviews with Dinah Perez

Secrets of Successful Screenwriters Book CoverAlone in a Room by John Scott Lewinski

Alone in a Room tackles the hard truths that other screenwriting books are afraid to confront. Film and TV writing is the most competitive literary field in the world and if an aspiring writer does not get the work done properly, he or she will fail. The book includes an interview with Dinah Perez.

The Screenwriters' Guide to Agents and Managers Book CoverThe Screenwriters' Guide to Agents and Managers by John Scott Lewinski

The lessons to be learned from this helpful guide show aspiring screenwriters, television writers, and novelists how to catch a agent’s eye and develop a successful scriptwriting career. Step-by-step instructions reveal how to get around the "Catch 22" of the trade—but you can’t get an agent until you’ve sold a script. Interviews with prominent agents, managers and Dinah Perez disclose how the power brokers choose material, what kinds of writers command their attention, and what they expect from the writers they sign on. Tips on how to write a winning spec script, how to word an effective query letter, how to forge a sound relationship with reps, and other invaluable advice fill this insider’s guide. Also included in the book are Dinah Perez's published articles on writers and the legal issues that are unique to them.