Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles

Legal services in film, music, television, publishing and new media.

I offer entertainment legal services in the areas of film, TV, music, new media, publishing, stage, copyright and trademark law. I represent and provide counsel to individuals and companies.

Current clients include production companies, producers, directors, talent, writers, recording artists, record labels, publishers, management companies, content creators, and others.

Services Provided

  • Drafting, negotiation, review and counsel for film, television, music, publishing and new media related issues, deal memorandums and agreements.
  • Representation for your production from pre-production through post production. This includes negotiating and drafting all of the agreements that are necessary during the picture’s pre-production, principal photography and post production.
  • Assistance with shopping completed films to distributors for the purpose of securing distribution on behalf of the completed picture; this includes distributor screenings and attendance at film festivals.
  • Formation of corporations, special purpose production companies, loan out companies, music publishing companies, limited liability companies, etc.
  • Assistance for disputes that do not require litigation. A referral will be made to a reputable litigator if the dispute cannot be settled.