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LA Entertainment Lawyer Dinah Perez
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Jonathan Darcangelo
Jonathan Darcangelo
02:36 27 Nov 19
So glad I found Dinah on google. I needed help having a contract written for a music inquiry and she explained... everything to me and gave me more than what I asked for. Great attorney, quick, professional, and more
Valerie Heidt
Valerie Heidt
22:34 11 Aug 19
As an up and coming screenwriter and novelist, Dinah's knowledge and expertise has proven invaluable. As others have... indicated, she is candid and efficient with fees and billing, which is most appreciated for someone in my position. Dinah is not only protective of her clients, she's been known to offer heartfelt advice when it's most needed. Highly more
Andy Froemke
Andy Froemke
22:57 12 May 19
I’ve been working with Dinah Perez for over 4 years now and she’s proven to be a valuable asset for my team. As a... film and TV screenwriter I’ve been involved in a variety of complex negotiations and agreements. Dinah is knowledgeable, effective, flexible, and always willing to go to bat for me. I really appreciate her skill in explaining the legal part of the business to someone with no experience in this arena. She makes the best deal possible for each unique scenario we’ve seen. She’s incredibly responsive and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend more
Edgar Pablos
Edgar Pablos
20:33 12 May 19
Dinah is the person you want in your corner. She is knowledgeable and absolutely professional and she has brought to... our attention several opportunities we might have missed. She is straightforward about her fees and billing, and she is always efficient in making the best use of her time. Recommended without more
Mark Andrew Smith
Mark Andrew Smith
02:09 12 May 19
We hired Dinah Perez for the option of a graphic novel series. Dinah was great at negotiating for us. She made sure we... received the best deal possible. She was able to at explain the finer points and details of the contract. Dinah was personable and had our best interests in mind the entire more
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Dinah is a real 'Superlawyer'!

       For 3 years, Dinah has guided us on legal matters for my wife's book series. She has a depth of expertise which has really helped us in our endeavors. Dinah is fair but firm in her negotiations, and also has a heart. She is vary caring and protective of her clients, and isn't afraid to gracefully let you know when you should use her services, in order to avoid problems. While doing so, Dinah is very careful not to make unnecessary charges. Joan and I couldn't recommend Dinah more highly. It's no wonder that Dinah was chosen as a 2019 “Superlawyer,” which means she's considered to be one of the top five percent entertainment attorneys in CA.
Rod and Joan (Avvo)

Strong Defender

      I've hired Dinah twice now to help advise and draft collaboration agreements. She has a ton of experience; she's quick to respond, knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and professional. Above all, Dinah works towards negotiating the best deal for YOU. She made me aware of provisions and deal points I didn't even know existed. Dinah was a pleasure to work with, and I'd be happy to work with her again.
Brian (Avvo)

Efficient and Personable

      Dinah Perez helped me to negotiate a difficult distribution contract, and fought to get me the best terms. She also helped me to negotiate music rights for my film on a very tight deadline, taking over the work from the music supervisor who was not getting it done. She is a creative problem-solver that can do anything she sets her mind to, and she is also personable and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended.
Anna (Avvo)

We couldn't have done it without her!

       I can't say enough wonderful things about Dinah Perez. Not only did she do an amazing job explaining and executing all of our contractual needs with two separate businesses, but it was her pep talks that helped us as much as anything. She took the time to inform us of every scenario along the way and really helped give us the confidence to not only ask for what we wanted but to hold our ground until we got it. We definitely consider Dinah an important member of the team over here at What's In-Store Music. I've said it once, I will say it again, we couldn't have done it without her.
Scott (Avvo)

Great Entertainment Lawyer

       Dinah always acts quickly, professionally, and with my best interest in mind. Being a young screenwriter in Los Angeles who struggles to balance the bottom line with maintaining relationships to forward my career, Dinah is always sure to knuckle-down on the deal I deserve while also operating fairly to preserve and strengthen my connections. I wouldn't be where I am now without her at my back. Highly recommend!
David (Avvo)

She is the best!

      Dinah is impressively intelligent, very loyal and extremely caring. She doesn't miss a thing and there is no one who will fight harder. Dinah suspected there were unpaid profit participation monies on one of our past movie deals. She convinced us to do something we never thought possible: take legal action against a major studio. Dinah’s professional respect and reach is wide -- she made a connection to a dream team who agreed to take our case on contingency. Dinah’s instincts are spot on. In the galaxy of bright legal stars, she is a supernova!
Chris (Avvo)

I am grateful to Dinah!

     Dinah Perez has represented my producing endeavors on a variety of film projects. She has handled contracts for me dealing with large and small companies. Each time paying close attention to detail, she has been able to negotiate contractual obstacles. Dinah has always been available to me to offer sound advise. What I love most is that she has been able to accomplish all this with honesty and grace. And for this, I am grateful.
Leslie (Avvo)

She's the best thing that can happen for an Artist.

       Dinah Perez has been more than an attorney for me. She has been a champion of my work. She really took the time to get to know me and my needs and she understands my needs as an artist. She has handled my legal affairs with great focus and expertise.

Knowledgable and gets it done

       I always enjoy working with Dinah, it's rare to find a lawyer who understands the documentary space, fair use and other right issues. She works with filmmakers to make it happen instead of just saying don't or it won't. I consider her part of the creative team, because without her I couldn't make the films I want to make.

Endorsing an Exceptionally Knowledgeable, Highly-Committed Entertainment Lawyer

       Dinah Perez ALWAYS exceeds the threshold of mere professionalism, extending a sense of personal concern toward my legal issues. She is supportive, tough when necessary, extremely knowledgable about entertainment law and passionate about her clients' success. She has helped me on numerous occasions, particularly with writers' contracts and, recently, by negotiating a refund from an online media services company that fell far-short of its claims. She has also advised me on copyright, trademark and licensing issues. I consider Ms. Perez to be a vital member of my team and, without hesitation, recommend her services.
Marina (Avvo)
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