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Sign an NDA to have sex with a Celebrity

It seems to be more and more common to be asked to sign NDAs before one-night stands or romantic relationships with celebrities and other prominent people, according to four entertainment lawyers Gloria Allred and Dinah Perez — as well as publicists Jeremy Lemur and Michael Whiteacre, and women who’ve been asked to sign them. And it’s not just men who are doing the asking.

It was 3 a.m., and the house party in LA was about to be shut down.

This is way too early, Cassie said to her friend.

She began weaving through the crowd to see if someone else was hosting a party. That’s when the A-list heartthrob approached her.

You wanna come to my place? he asked.

Of course I’m going to go to his place, she thought.

Cassie and her friend got in his car, and he drove them a few miles to his house. It was huge and modern on the outside, and on the inside, it looked like an upscale bachelor pad: furnished with black leather couches and adorned with superhero posters and various art.

He and his friends began smoking weed, and he did some lines of coke with Cassie’s friend.

“He seemed really into her, all over her, talking with her, flirting with her,” she told me in a phone interview in April. Cassie said she was really drunk by this time, but she had turned down the cocaine.

Later that night, Cassie’s friend said, “I just really want to go home.” She called an Uber, and Cassie planned on going with her. “I’m not going to ruin the night for you. Just stay,” her friend told her.

So Cassie stayed. And the handsome, tanned actor’s attention turned to her.

Do you want to go upstairs? he asked her. [Read Article on BuzzFeed]